• The possible structure of the content of the E-bulletin could be
o Note from Minister/CLC/Director//high level officials from other departments like I.G., CID/Director, Department of Social Welfare, Women & Child Development/SPD, SSA
o One article/analysis on Child labour
o The activities undertaken
o Events to happen
o Stories of positive initiatives/”out of work”- a project beneficiary speaks about himself/herself and how the project changed his/her life
o Govt order/notification
o Court orders/legislation if any
o International news on child labour
o News from ILO
o SRC/Jharkhand in Media

• E-bulletin should have a NAME - “Voices of Children”…. Whichever the state feels appropriate

• Periodicity will have to be decided – weekly/monthly/bimonthly/quarterly…. etc

• The ideal number of pages will be 4 and maximum up to 16

• The team members involved should be highlighted (it can be an editorial team)

• A reader friendly design should be opted. The journal should have enough blank spaces and photographs.

• The font used should be reader friendly

• The final file should not be a heavy one, otherwise sending as well as downloading will be a problem

• It will be good if the SRC head or CLC can remain as the editor/advisor